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Episode Views: 16,000 per week!

YouTube Subscribers: 18700+

Growing at 251+ per week


Male: 48.4% Female: 51.6%

Comments from our viewers:

“I vote for you to be on Food Network or the Cooking Channel. You’re a great personality and I love the format of your videos. So genuine and real! :) Love it!” – YuariCaspar

“Hi Jay,

Thanks for posting this. You’re right, you don’t have to be a professional to make great food. In French, “amateur” means “lover of”. To be an amateur means that your pursuits are derived from your passion and commitment. I have found that your recipes really shine because you capture the essence of great food without being fiddly. I really enjoy your videos far more than any celebrity chef on TV.

I’ve been trying to get my eldest to learn at least some rudimentary cooking skills before he goes out into the real world. The first time I’ve seen him get a spark of interest was when I made him watch your chicken udon recipe. My favorite knife is a chef’s knife, but the boy insisted on using the santoku because “Mr. JingJong uses that kind of knife.”

Keep your recipes coming because I’m having fun in the kitchen!” – Naomi

“I really love your videos with family cooking together, and family recipes being made. Reminds me of when I was a girl cooking with my grandma. =)” – theeyesofanother

7 Responses to Audience

  1. moriah dc says:

    Hi jay! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes specially the korean and the japanese dishes. Of all the cooking show I’ve watched, I love The Aimless Cook the most! I’ve already downloaded 44 episodes in my ipod and is looking forward for more! Im always excited to watch these videos in my vacant time at work and is greatly inspired to push through culinary.

  2. Raquel Massanet says:

    i’m a recent fan. i was thinking the same thing, that you should be on t. v. you are definitely someone i would watch, with the added bonus you are unique, and fun to watch. are you going to be on the cooking channel?

  3. Tony says:

    I am looking for a recipe, but I do not know the name. There was a lady that I worked with who was from Korea … she would make this dish that has rice noodles and kelp with other veggies in it, not sure if there was any meat. I would love to make it if you could help. Thanks, Tony

  4. BobbyR says:

    Brudda Jay, just wanted to say mahalo for all the ono recipes. Never had any culinary training but just love to cook. Most of my favorite recipes handed down from grandma, aunties and uncles. Aloha, bobby

  5. Tom says:

    Hi Jay,

    I really like your site and have tried 8 different recipies. They all worked out great! Also, I like your personality.

    You haven’t posted anything new in a while… I hope everything’s going allright for you!

    Looking forward to more of your great ideas.



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