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Back when I had the original blog, I had a recipe from Hawaii that a lot of my friends were curious about. So, it was only natural that I bring it back, make a video and write about it today. I’m talking about the Onolicious Spam Musubi. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii or any L&L’s BBQ, you have probably seen Spam Musubi at one time or another. It’s enjoyed so much in Hawaii, that it is sometimes referred to as, “Hawaiian Steak”. Really?

Now I’ll be honest with you. Before I tried this, I was skeptical that anything with Spam would be good. I remember being a kid and Spam being grilled in a skillet at the campground, since this canned wondermeat was easier to carry around than a dripping pack of opened bacon. Remember about those old ads that featured “Spamwiches”, “Spam ‘n Eggs” or “Spamburgers”? eeeeech. So of course, this was the negative image that we all shared.

But that was before. This is now. I’m about to show you a way to make Spam that will forever change the way you think about potted meat. Get ready for Spam Musubi!

You will need:

If you have a musubi mold for making pressed sushi, great. If you don’t, worry not. Keep the Spam can handy and we’ll get to that later.

Slice the Spam into 1/2 inch slices and brown them gently in a skillet. While they are browning, mix up the wet ingredients and sugar to make your sauce. Turn the Spam over and brown the other side. Once the Spam is done browning, turn the heat down to medium and pour in the sauce mix. What you want to do is cook that sauce down gently til it gets like teriyaki sauce. It won’t take long. Once that’s done, take the pan off the heat and set aside. Let the Spam soak in that sweet goodness while you get ready to assemble the musubi.

*If you don’t have a mold, all you have to do is cut the bottom off the Spam can. Now you have the perfect sized mold to assemble your musubi. Be mindful of the cut edges though!

Ok, assembly time. Set up your assembly station so that all your ingredients are close at hand. So have your rice, nori, Spam and mold right to the surface you will be working on. Also, keep a bowl of water handy for keeping your hands and tools wet. Anything that will touching the rice should be kept wet so that the rice doesn’t stick to it.

Cut the nori sheet in half lengthwise. It should be the same width as the Spam is long. You can cut it to any width you want, depending on how you want the finished product to look. I like the nori to cover the entire musubi, so I don’t get rice on my fingers when I eat it. Keeps thing neat, especially if you like to eat and run.

Lay down the nori first (shiny side down), then put the mold on top. Take a little rice and put a layer about the thickness of the Spam in first. Follow with a slice of Spam, making sure you have some of that delicious sauce to get absorbed by the rice. Then, lay down another layer of rice on top of the Spam. Again, I do this to make it easier to eat on the run. Now that you have all the layers laid down, gently pack it down with the top of your mold. If you’re using the can, you can pack it down with a spoon.

Now, carefully take off the mold, leaving your beautiful creation on the nori sheet. Wrap the nori around the rice and Spam and seal it by dipping your finger in a little water and dabbing a little on the end of the nori. You’re done! Watch the video to see me make it with the mold and with the can. I really hope you try this at home. You won’t regret it. Have fun in the kitchen!

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  1. Eleanor says:

    I made some last night and my whole family loved it. My husband ESP loved the turn out of the teriyaki sauce delish!!!!

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